Friday, March 4, 2016:


9:00am -- Holt High School Concerty Band (Michael Emerson, Conductor) (Cloakroom  306)

Torch of Liberty

Highland Legand

Cobra Dance


9:25am -- Haslett High School Symphonic Band (Michael G. Larsen, Conductor) (Cloakroom 315)

Host of Freedom

Covington Square


10:05am -- Leslie High School Symphonic Band (Jacob Greenwood, Conductor) (Cloakroom 317)

St. Petersburg March

Three Ayres from Gloucester

Temple of the Murals


10:30am -- Holt High School Symphonic Band (Michael Emerson, Conductor) (Cloakroom 308)

Children of the Shrine


Fantasy on American Sailing Songs


11:00am -- Eaton Rapids Middle School Band (Christien J. Rupp, Conductor) (Cloakroom 305)

Friends of Freedom

Portrait of a Clown

Early English Suite


11:25am -- Charlotte Middle School Seventh and Eight Grade Band (Stacie Detgen, Conductor) (Cloakroom 808)

Cahaba River March

Queenwood Overture

Soldiers' Procession and Sword Dance


12:50pm -- Holt Junior High School Symphony Band (Beth Lewis, Conductor) (Cloakroom 308)

Genius March

Renaissance Festival and Dances

Shaker Variants


1:20pm -- Charlotte Middle School Cadet Band (Stacie Detgen, Conductor) (Cloakroom 808)

Hall of Fame March


Moscow 1941


1:55pm -- Haslett High School Wind Ensemble (David Gott, Conductor) (Cloakroom 307)

Sol Y Sombre

Au Sable River Festival


2:25pm -- Holt High School Wind Ensemble (Michael Emerson, Conductor) (Cloakroom 305)






Saturday, March 5, 2016:


9:30am -- Battle Creek Pennfield Middle School 8th Grade Band (Blake Driver, Conductor) (Cloakroom 308)


10:20am -- Potterville Middle School Concert Band (James E. Smith, Conductor) (Cloakroom 315)

Activity March


Beyond the Highlands


10:45am -- Battle Creek Pennfield Middle School 7th Grade Band (Blake Driver, Conductor) (Cloakroom 307)


11:25am -- Charlotte High School Concert Band (Jerry Rose, Conductor) (Cloakroom 808)

King Cotton

Amazing Grace

Lethbridge Overture


11:50am -- Potterville High School Concert Band (James E. Smith, Conductor) (Cloakroom 317)

Spirit of Liberty

Thus Spoke the Raven

Annabel Lee


1:15pm -- Battle Creek Pennfield High School Symphonic Band (Blake Driver, Conductor) (Cloakroom 315)

Bonds of Unity

Hebrides Suite



1:45pm -- Charlotte High School Symphonic Band (Jerry Roes, Conductor) (Cloakroom 808)

The Corcoran Cadets

Prelude, Siciliano and Rondo

Elegy For A Young American



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