CHS Drama 2020-2021

This production is being performed virtually by CHS Drama students.  In an effort to make the performance seem more "normal", we have In Person and Virtual Link ticket options.  

Those with In Person tickets will come TO the Charlotte Performing Arts Center and view the play AS IT HAPPENS on the big screen inside the auditorium.  Masks and social distancing will be required inside the building and when seated for the performance.  

The students will be in another room, performing for you via Zoom, as they have been doing during rehearsals.  Their Zoom production will be live broadcast to the auditorium and projected on the screen.  At the end of the performance, they will come to the stage for bows.  

Those with a Virtual Link ticket will be emailed a RECORDING of the live performance after it occurs.  This will take place sometime after December 4.  At that point, they can watch the production from their home, at their convenience. The link can be viewed by multiple people at a time, or at different times.  


We are excited to bring this unique performance experience to CPAC and hope you have a great time, however you have chosen to view it!  

If you have any questions, please let us know! 

Phone: 517-541-5690

Thank you!

Freaky Friday Character Descriptions

Freaky Friday Complete Synopsis

Freaky Friday Summary of Important Dates

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Performance dates: March 19 & 20, 2021

An adaptation of the classic novel and beloved films, Freaky Friday follows teenager Ellie Blake and her mother, Katherine, on the weirdest, strangest, craziest, freakiest day of their whole lives. Try as they might, Katherine and Ellie just can’t seem to understand each other: Ellie wants her mom to stop trying to change her, while Katherine wants her daughter to be the best version of herself that she can be. On a fateful Friday, the day before Katherine’s wedding, something magical occurs when mother and daughter swap bodies. Now, both will have to一literally一spend a day walking in each other’s shoes, learning about each other and the struggles each goes through and forging a new mother-daughter relationship in this hilarious, energetic, and moving musical comedy.

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